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伊恩·佛萊明於1962年10月於《泰晤士報》說詹姆士·龐德是一位真正特務的高度浪漫化版本,那人是第二次世界大戰時加拿大商人、資助盟軍的 威廉·史蒂芬生 ( 英语 : William Stephenson ) 。 《賭城諜血》(Casino Royale,1954年黑白電視電影,主角巴里·尼爾遜(Barry Nelson))、《皇家赌场》(Casino The Quiet Canadian: Sir William Stephenson and World War 2. Born in poverty in Winnipeg, Stephenson went on to become an ace pilot in WWI, earning multiple medals for his valour.He even managed to escape from a German POW camp after his plane was shot down in enemy territory in 1918.Following the war, he became a millionaire entrepreneur and inventor, famed for creating a method of "James Bond 007 / William Stephenson" Controversy . Is there any truth to those rumours that William Stephenson may have been Ian Fleming's inspiration for James Bond 007? The six-digit service number on Stephenson 's World War 1 attestation paper is 700758. -- Coincidence? Click here to view the attestation paper. Let us examine some statements [True? False?] that have been recorded in books James Bond 007 vs William Stephenson. Is there any truth to those rumours that William Stephenson may have been Ian Fleming’s inspiration for James Bond? For starters, note the first four digits of his six-digit service number [No.] on Stephenson ‘s World War 1 attestation paper. Let us examine some statements on this topic that have been recorded in books, on websites, etc. From the book หนังสือ James Bond 007 เรื่องแรกนี้ Ian Fleming ตั้งชื่อว่า “Casino Royale” 2 เมื่อ Ian Fleming เขียนเสร็จ ได้นำต้นฉบับไปให้ “นายอินทร์” (William Stephenson) ผู้เป็นเจ้านายของเขาในชีวิต Sir William Stephenson. Ο Καναδάς δεν φημίζεται για τον περιπετειώδη χαρακτήρα των κατοίκων του, ο Sir William Stephenson όμως ήταν μία τρανταχτή εξαίρεση. Κινούμενος σε παρόμοια μονοπάτια με τον Dusko Popon, υπήρξε In new York Fleming met Sir William Stephenson, 'the quiet Canadian', who became a life-long friend. Stephenson allowed Fleming to take part in a clandestine operation against a Japanese cipher expert who had an office in Rockefeller Center. Fleming later embellished this story and used it in his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale (1953 william s. stephenson. The most mysterious and notable real life inspiration for the James Bond character. A true Spy in the highest definition of the term, not much has been documented about Sir William Samuel Stephenson, and that was his intentions, his influence however still lingers in the Espionage field. There, William Stephenson is portrayed as the real M to Ian Fleming’s James Bond. There is much to suggest, however, that Stephenson is not only the model for M, but also for Bond himself. Fleming’s own career as a WW2 spy is somewhat less than glorious. The inspiration for the first Bond novel, Casino Royale, came from when Fleming was stationed in Spain in World War II. He decided to The secret persuader: How brilliant British spymaster Sir William Stephenson, who invented 007's martini, used 21st century spin and fake news to lure America into World War 2

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